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Got a Fucking Trauma

2016-12-11 12:27:56 by coolman2003

So i've been staying some extra time at school so i chould learn for the huge math & language exam thats coming soon. so then it was a lunch break. so we all went outside. me and my friend was eating lunch together on a bench. and suddenly some guy with a cowboy outfit broke into our school and shouted ITS HIGH NOON. and suddenly my overwatch insticts kicked in and i fucking dropped my lunch and took cover behind the bench. being scared as fuck.

And thats why i stopped being a mccree main. well, not really. but i don't think ill return to overwatch anytime soon in the near future

Homestuck is Cool.

2016-07-08 01:46:35 by coolman2003

Its Cool.

How 2 Overwatch

2016-06-26 20:31:24 by coolman2003

How 2 Overwatch tutorial

1. Never Guard/Defend

2. use melee attacks only

3. Never use Ultimates

4. jump around the map and don't pay attention to anything

and your done. now your an offically Overwatch player

its hard living right now.

I have a disease that looks like huge pimples but its all over my body

Every day when i wake up i need to waste 10 minutes of my life for choking some Runny red luicid out of my mouth so i can breathe, same about my nose

And No one has been visiting me over 2 weeks already. and its not because they are busy/sick. its because they just don't want to for some reason.

what should i do with my horrible life?

Well. you see i have a Deviantart account. and i usally post stuff THERE.

i know that if i wont draw more stuff 90% people just wont follow me. 

but i'd like more followers on deviantart instead of newgrounds even doe Newgrounds is an epic website.

so heres my deviantart account:

and if you don't belive its mine then just tell me. ill write it on the status that its mine.

When i was a little younger i played a game where you play as a Purple snail with orange shell 

and in the game you travel and get better attacks all the time. there are also boss fights

the game was pixel. the main problem is that i don't remember the game name

if you think you know the game name  then PLEASE tell me!

A question for you!

2015-12-29 12:49:44 by coolman2003

Chirstmas is coming.

i got Mortal kombat X on my PS4. even tho i was going to buy it but my friend was 1 step foward then me.

Matt is Still Chasing me and wants me Dead or Alive. Please dont tell to

and now. I'm SANSta till Christmas ends.

*You feel Gifts Crawling on you're back because you had a bad time.

We all know EBF right?

Heres the thing you never knew about EBF

Do you know what happens when someone of the party dies?

NOTHING. but did you know that when you revive a characater who died in the party you dont actually revive him!?

what really happens is something dark.

under the battlefiled theres the system that has a Cloning machine with over 216,000,000 clones of every characater by that it means the crew and the monsters

i know it because IVE BEEN THERE.

lets take lance shell we? when lance dies or the others. the cloning machine pulls out a clone of lance and befor you can even see whats going on the system takes the dead lance very fast and places a another clone lance. and thats how it works. but befor one of you readers will ask "but how the cloning machine works?" well its easy

the cloning machine tooked DNA from the ORINGINALS. the oringinals are still alive and they help  Matt Roszak to take care of Kupo games. and thats how it works...

remember i said that ive been there? its because im a CLONE of lance. it happend when i was supposed to replace another dead lance but then the system had a problem with Electricity and then i got shocked and fell down into a pit that supposed to be uselss items or game ideas deleter. amd then i woke up in there, and i saw a vent. so i opened it and escaped Kupo.INC. but then...Matt Roszak reconized i was missing and then i went Wanted

with all the cash that i had in my stats (or supposed to have when ive replaced a dead lance) i buied a house and i lived there for 15 years. but in one of the years i've joined Newgrounds. and so i called myself "Coolman2003" (yes thats the only named i had in my mind) and now im writing to you Readers about it.

i hope you enjoyed reading.

when Undertale contains dogs

2015-11-26 15:23:57 by coolman2003


thats what happens when you had a dog into undertale TOBY